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What's Dot?

What’s Dot?

Do you Q?  The latest thing is Q.R. Codes.  The acronym means Quick Response.  You’ve seen them – the two inch square with a bunch of dots looking something like a Rorschach Test.

Here is one.

 QR to Just This Once Order

Download a free app like “Scan” to your IPhone or Droid.  You hit one button, the Scan icon, and your phone’s camera auto focuses on the QR.  It will instantly take you to the website associated with the QR. That could be a Home page, or a You Tube video, or a landing page directed to a specific target audience.   I use them on my “For Sale” signs to auto-download information on the home where a potential buyer is standing.  That way they don’t have to write anything down and can just move on knowing they have captured the maximum amount of information about the property. 

Since home shopping is a deselective process, eliminating the ones that don’t meet your criteria, this can speed things up for the Buyer.  OR it can provide photos of the inside of a home that is surprisingly nice when the exterior may be Plain and Simple. 

On my directional signs to Open Houses I have a QR code that gives a video guided directional to the home on You Tube.  I narrate it and show all the turns on the way, so they can’t get lost.  And it is on my business cards and takes you right to my website.  Very efficient.  If you would like to learn more just email me.

I know that your business can take advantage of this new technology.  How could you, where could you, use them?  Then you will be able to say, “Yes, I do Q!”