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Owning versus Renting



Several hundred thousand reasons why owning is better than renting for years.


Your TOTAL RENT Payments, including an annual 5% rent increase.

Monthly Rent

5 Year Total

10 Years

20 Years

30 Years



























… this provides NOTHING but basic shelter.


With the benefits of ownership you will find financial and tax advantages of your own:


  • Deducting mortgage interest improves your income taxes and your take-home pay.
  • The property tax deduction improves your income taxes and your take-home pay.
  • Building of equity and value FOR YOU, instead of paying for someone else’s future.
  • Ability to access equity through refinancing or sale.
  • You can pass the property onto your heirs or transfer it into a trust.
  • Pride of ownership will be your password, instead of being a “tenant”.
  • Ability to customize, to decorate, and make your home fit your lifestyle.
  • No more Landlord!
  • Owning a home improves your credibility and personal standing.


Now this is not a promise, but past history shows that if you hold onto your property for years – you will build equity.  Here is a simple example: if you purchase a $275,000 home and it improves in value only 2% per year, in twenty years it would be worth $408,635.  With no new debt you would have retired $123,500 from your loan by making the normal payments to principal and interest.  If these calculations were all exact; $257,135 would belong to you if you sold the property after paying off the remaining note balance of $151,500.  Considering that you may have only put a 3% down payment to begin with, that is a phenomenal return on your investment.  The average California home in the 1950’s was worth about $24,000 and look at them now.  What will things be worth in the distant future?  Your guess is as good as ours.