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Since the first of the year as 2012 is beginning we have experienced a tremendous increase in activity.  And on the other end of the activity we are seeing multiple offers on well priced properties.  I have three calls from the sign on a little home I have listed in San Marcos and it is not on a through street.  We saw a property yesterday on an acre in Fallbrook that needs a LOT OF TLC (tender loving cash fixup) and found out that after 9 days on the market they have ELEVEN OFFERS!  

We are starting to experience shortages of homes in some areas.  San Marcos is a University and Junior College town and there are over 40,000 students attending the two institutions.  When I searched earlier this week for homes under $375,000 that were traditional sales (not short sales) there were only TWO available.  A friend of mine who works in the Temecula Murrieta area said "you can't find any nice ones that aren's gobbled up in a matter of days, if not hours."  

So what does all this mean?  We are heading into a time that will see demand that outstrips the supply of nice, well priced homes.  If you know anyone that has been waiting for the bottom of the market to buy - THIS IS IT.  Prices will now start going up even faster than they have in the last six months.  You can expect that "good news" to start showing up on the front page.  It is not good news for the buyers who might miss this extraordinary time in California history.  The first time that prices dropped in fifty years.  And their other whine will be missing the lowest interest rates in sixty years.

Prices will rise slowly and I am still advising my clients to hold onto their current properties.  If you MUST sell I will be happy to help you, but it would be better to hang on as your values improve.  IF YOU OR YOURS WANT TO BUY - CALL ME TODAY - THERE IS NOT TIME TO BE WASTED.